Authentic Persian Flavour. From Our Family to Yours.


Our Story 

Our family moved to Canada in 2009, and we were disappointed that we couldn’t find a Middle Eastern restaurant that offered the same delicious and healthy Persian cuisine that is found in my old hometown of Esfahan. Majority of Middle Eastern restaurants in Halifax are primarily Mediterranean and virtually none offered a dining experience with food and atmosphere from the heart of the Middle East (Persia.) 

So in 2015, we open this restaurant, Brenton Persian Grill & Wine Bar to give the people of Halifax an opportunity to not only try a taste of Persia such as enjoying our tender Meat Kebabs served with Fluffy Basmati Saffron but to also experience an authentic Persian atmosphere and dining experience. 

We truly believe Persian Cuisine is the best of best when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine. From the quality of products we use, the cooking methods and the way we marinate and spice our dishes. PLUS 100% of our dishes are gluten free. Below follows a brief introduction on Iranian food (also referred to as Persian food) and why some even refer to it as the “Garden in the Desert.” 


A Brief Introduction to Persian Cuisine 

Although it is often lumped under the category of “Middle Eastern” fare, Persian cuisine is able to retain its uniqueness in a variety of ways. Rice is a major ingredient in Iranian cuisine and is cooked very differently from Indian or Oriental rice.  Our rice is the best rice in Halifax; we have a secret process to make it the fluffiest tastiest rice you have ever tried. 

Typical main dishes are combinations of rice with meat (Lamb is primary consumed in Iran over Beef and Chicken is considered a delicacy). Fresh green herbs are frequently used, along with fruits such as plums, pomegranate, quince, and raisins. Traditional Persian flavorings are saffron, dried lime, cinnamon to create intriguing and delicate flavors. 

The origins of many Persian dishes are shrouded in its long history of more than three thousand years. Persian cuisine has had a remarkable influence on the cooking of many regions, from ancient Rome and Greece to Mogul India, the Muslim world and the Ottoman Empire. Equally it has itself been influenced over the centuries, so that today, despite its alluring exotic air, the cuisine has a warm familiarity. 


Welcome to Brenton Persian Grill & Wine Bar!